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We offer the following programmes for you to find your perfect partner;

Matchmaking Service

Personal Matchmaking Service  

We shall be delighted to meet you for a chat to outline our matchmaker services. We assist you by discussing the women's characters so you make the right choices.

We reserve tables in romantic places for your meetings. You will notice there is no shortage of beautiful settings in Prague and Bratislava.

You select the women you desire to meet from our Photogallery. We also have a large offline portfolio for you to find women you want to meet. This service has an unlimited timeframe so you can choose how you like to arrange your meetings.

Personalised Advertising Service

Czech Women  

This membership has unlimited number of introductions and is available for various time periods.

We place customised advertisements in selected magazines and journals on your behalf in Czech Republic and Slovakia in order to offer you a wider choice of women.

Discreet approaches are made by our staff to women responding to the advertisements. They are currently not members of our agency, so you reach a wider audience. We screen all women interested in meeting you and we provide you their contact details.

Pre-Meeting Service

Slovakia Beautiful Ladies  

This service enables you to communicate with women we represent who you're interested to meet for relationships. You receive the women's profiles, photos, contact details so you can develop your relationship from your country. Then you can invite your favourite woman / women to meet you or travel to Prague for your meetings. Your communication and meetings are made between yourself and the women directly without our offices interference.

Membership options extend for 3 and 6 months during which time you will have many opportunities to find your perfect match!





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