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There are several reasons why searching for an Eastern European bride with us is more successful than looking elsewhere.

Eastern European women differ from their western counterparts as they are not adversely affected by feminism and materialism. To find genuine ladies in the west not burdened by these influences is indeed difficult.

Moreover you will discover how our ladies exude the more traditional values of honesty, integrity and respect for their partner / husband.

These aspects combine to ensure why more and more western situated men seek their dream partner with us.

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Why Czech and Slovak Women

Not only does Czech Republic have an enviable % of extremely beautiful women, but they are educated and have excellent language skills.

Czech women are very interested in travel and do so for both education and work, experiences which enable them to familiarise themselves with western cultures and develop their languages.

The women's outlooks and temperaments are perfectly placed to complement their men from western countries and ideologies. With these perspectives they make more adjusted partners and wives compared to other Eastern European countries.

You will discover that Czech women are happy, balanced and feminine - a lovely blend of the traditional and the newly mobile and capable partner who enjoys life in an unspoilt and uncomplicated way.

Czech Girls

petra nemcova

Czech Republic Woman

ivana trump

Czech Republic Ladies

tatana kucharova
miss world 2006

Czech Republic Girls

eva herzigova
hello boys!

Czech Woman Dating

tereza maxova

Do's and Dont's when meeting our Ladies

Do look smart and tidy, this will allow a positive initial impression

Don't be late for your date, punctuality is a natural part of our culture

Do complement your date on her appearance

Do be courteous, polite and friendly

Do expect to pay for drinks / dinner on your date

Do expect to exchange text messages, this is a normal and enjoyable way to develop the friendship

Do make a programme with your lady for the next date so she knows you will be pleased to meet her again

Prague Women  


Since the lifting of the Iron Curtain in 1989, Czech Republic has become one of the most visited post-communist countries in central Europe. The stunning skyline exudes history, romance and charisma and is just one of many reasons why this city remains hugely popular with it's many frequent visitors.


Bratislava Girls  


Slovakia is viewed as the lesser known neighbour, however economic growth and political stability is providing more visitors the opportunity to enjoy the many attractions. The ladies of Bratislava are equally as attractive and endearing as those in Prague, so may you too find romance and joy in this wonderful city.


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